Friday, January 8, 2010

Summer Brights

I just love this time of year!  Everyone is out and about... and the mood is high as the temperature outside rises.
I will keep my news short and try very hard to say Hi more frequently... :0)

I just want to remind you quickly that everyone who is registered on my site has a 10% discount applied for ever!!!!!!!!
So check in often to see what's new.
I have been playing with some nice bright cubic zirconium of late inspired by a Bollywood function for New Years Eve

Hope these newbies bring some cheer to your day

Jenny Mills


  1. Hey! The link to your website leads to a page that says the domain is not currently active... :(

  2. Hi Cherrie
    That's odd because they are all working for me at the moment... I appreciate you letting me know... the site seems to be fine.
    Maybe it was a server thing for you???
    I'd love to know if you are still having troubles.

  3. Hey Cherrie I tried to follow you on twitter from your blog page and I got that same message... it might be a Saturday thing.. haha


what's your take on that then... I'd love to hear from you...