Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Winter's Ring Exhibition

Tomorrow night is the opening night for a fun and different Exhibition in Hobart.   I'm excited to see what is put out for us to see! 

 A Winter's Ring!!!  What a great concept... something to brighten up winter in the world of Girl and Art...  This event will run from the 14th till the 27th of July at  Rebecca Roth & Cube Gallery,  Salamanca Arts centre Hobart.    I have designed three rings for this exhibition, which I've called "Messy chic".    They are vintage brass and vintage patterned fabrics and swarovski crystals and filigree and black chain... heavy, eclectic, messy and fun!!!!   I'll hold off on the photos until after the opening night to keep you in suspense, but I had a tiny peak today and I can't wait to have a closer look at some of the fabulous rings in the cabinets already!!!  Tasmania has some great jewellery designers and artisans.
In conjunction with this fun event is   Rainy Days 2010 , this exhibition is being put together by Jemima Boyer and is a novel display of no holds barred art designed and displayed on 10x10cm plywood blocks... the mind boggles!  I am definitely going to go and check these out!
So from tomorrow night onwards the place for some winter amusement and shopping will be  Shop 8, Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place. 
Best of luck with that girls, I am looking forward to it...

Had a big day at The Girl's Day out at the Point

Who popped in to the Girls Day Out? Was it what you expected?

I had a great day and met some great people and even put faces to some of my face book friends!! Thanks so much for making yourselves known to me... I love that.
I must admit though that I expected more... not from you of course!!!  But from the event....   did you?
The numbers were down by more than half from last year, more than 5000 visitors last year and around 2000 this year!!! That's a big drop!!!
I thought the fashion parades and the booths were better than ever!
What made the difference?
I know that a couple of great events were competing for the same date this year... The quilt and craft fair was on at the DEC, even I would have gone there if I wasn't pre booked! :o)
Also the Chocolate Festival at LaTrobe was a definite distraction!!!
So was it a clash of dates or poor planning or... was it as good as ever from your perspective?

I'd love your feed back on this, because I believe it could be even more fun for you all and I want the chance to catch up again next year!!!

Let me know what you want from The Girl's Day Out, what is your idea of a girl's day out?  It's a great idea isn't it? Who doesn't love a girl's day out... hahahaaa

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is where I'll be...

This Sunday... yes the Fourth of July... should be able to remember that date!!  - I will be showcasing my new leather cuff bracelets for the first time at "the market" at the Masonic Lodge in Sandy bay Road in Hobart.  Please open the links for more information if you hope to put this on your list of fun things to do on a Sunday in Hobart.
I have only just developed this design and must admit to being pretty excited about how they have turned out!!!
I love them!  They are large and noticeable, pretty and tough, and sturdy and adjustable...         you get the picture ...

So if you would like to see how one of these cuffs would look on your particular wrist be the first to pop in and visit me there... no- one who has seen them in the flesh, as yet... and there are only a few...
I would love your feed back and your orders... I will bring some colour swatches... and you can pick your fave,  be aware, though that as each is handmade and quite unique, they may not be exactly reproduced!!  We can, however,  create something just as unique for you.

Leather options are simply Brown or Black and wide or thin leather with adjustable press stud closures... should fit most...
the details are quite shabby chic. I have no intention of creating a pristine finish here...
The fabrics and crystals and other embellishments are of the highest quality, and I am quite pleased with the price.  Be warned ... there have not been many made yet, so be early to see the choices!  To complement these cuffs, I will be also bringing along my large and luscious cocktail rings. You may have seen some of them before, but look out for an ever changing range...
I am looking forward to catching up with you all!  I'm hoping to have a chat about what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to see in the future... please do! I love to hear your ideas  :o)
hope fully see you there!

oh, and
a little but very important ps...

please visit the "breast cancer site" and check out their daily click programme... so easy to do and yet so helpful... cheers and thanks!