Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Had a big day at The Girl's Day out at the Point

Who popped in to the Girls Day Out? Was it what you expected?

I had a great day and met some great people and even put faces to some of my face book friends!! Thanks so much for making yourselves known to me... I love that.
I must admit though that I expected more... not from you of course!!!  But from the event....   did you?
The numbers were down by more than half from last year, more than 5000 visitors last year and around 2000 this year!!! That's a big drop!!!
I thought the fashion parades and the booths were better than ever!
What made the difference?
I know that a couple of great events were competing for the same date this year... The quilt and craft fair was on at the DEC, even I would have gone there if I wasn't pre booked! :o)
Also the Chocolate Festival at LaTrobe was a definite distraction!!!
So was it a clash of dates or poor planning or... was it as good as ever from your perspective?

I'd love your feed back on this, because I believe it could be even more fun for you all and I want the chance to catch up again next year!!!

Let me know what you want from The Girl's Day Out, what is your idea of a girl's day out?  It's a great idea isn't it? Who doesn't love a girl's day out... hahahaaa

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