Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Winter's Ring Exhibition

Tomorrow night is the opening night for a fun and different Exhibition in Hobart.   I'm excited to see what is put out for us to see! 

 A Winter's Ring!!!  What a great concept... something to brighten up winter in the world of Girl and Art...  This event will run from the 14th till the 27th of July at  Rebecca Roth & Cube Gallery,  Salamanca Arts centre Hobart.    I have designed three rings for this exhibition, which I've called "Messy chic".    They are vintage brass and vintage patterned fabrics and swarovski crystals and filigree and black chain... heavy, eclectic, messy and fun!!!!   I'll hold off on the photos until after the opening night to keep you in suspense, but I had a tiny peak today and I can't wait to have a closer look at some of the fabulous rings in the cabinets already!!!  Tasmania has some great jewellery designers and artisans.
In conjunction with this fun event is   Rainy Days 2010 , this exhibition is being put together by Jemima Boyer and is a novel display of no holds barred art designed and displayed on 10x10cm plywood blocks... the mind boggles!  I am definitely going to go and check these out!
So from tomorrow night onwards the place for some winter amusement and shopping will be  Shop 8, Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place. 
Best of luck with that girls, I am looking forward to it...

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