Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jet and sterling silver rose charm cocktail ring - JennyMills Jewellery

Jet and sterling silver rose charm cocktail ring - JennyMills Jewellery

I have a secret love of creating rings at the moment... I don't know if it's because a ring makes me feel dressed and exotic... or a little frivolous and is proof that I am not about to do the dishes or the gardening....
A perfect gift in a classic style and colour as is this ring, just choose an adjustable ring base to be sure of the fit.
This beautiful black, shimmering cocktail ring is made from plenty of round, faceted shiny jet on just such an adjustable, heavy sterling silver ring band. It has beautiful hand made sterling silver rose and leaf charms.  It is weighty, classy and noticeable and a lot of fun to wear.  I am in the mood for rings so keep an eye on my web site and on this blog site to see what else pops up for the fabulous Australian winter ahead... and of course the signs of the Spring to come will also be reflected in the ideas I have already begun to formulate...
Take those gardening gloves off and pop on that cocktail ring!

Have you ever felt like your most amazing jeans are just a little tight in the winter months, or that you've tried on all your clothes and have nothing to wear...?

This might indeed be just a problem for me  ;O)
This is when the cocktail ring is the perfect friend... it always fits me and it always looks just as great and makes me feel just as special!!!  It doesn't judge... :o)

Let me tell you all about the little sterling silver charms in the next blog... they are a particular favourite of mine, and I think you will also admire them more after you see who makes them.

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