Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Foundation Collection explained

The Foundation Collection

foundation collection 
foun•da•tion  |foun’da sh ən | noun
 (also foundation garment) a woman’s supporting undergarment, such as a girdle.http://jennymills.cart.net.au/store/foundation-collection/foundation-necklaces/

The inside story
The foundation Collection was designed to meet all your needs..
These pieces are designed to be put on first, wear all the time and layer with your other jewellery... 
they look pretty by themselves and fabulous with most other pieces of jennymillsjewellery.
Just like foundation garments, what you put on first affects how you feel all day... :o)

The packaging is also a carefully designed and significant part of the foundation collection.
A cute little round tin with a clear lid contrasts with the very beautiful swiss lace draw string gift pouch inside.  The idea is to emphasise the simplicity and quality of each piece, while showing you that nothing can take away from the appeal of these pretty pieces!
The perfect gift!  
The complete package is easy to post... suits everybody... very affordable and yet still very appropriate to the person who has everything... else!
Very popular for the bride as a gift to her special attendants on her big day...

Sterling silver or gold filled very fine snake chain support your necklace and bracelet... flexible and light to allow your swarovski crystal feature to hang beautifully and sparkle with no distractions!
The clasp is a fine quality sterling or gold filled trigger clasp, also light enough to stay at the back... and sit nicely when worn. 
The crystals are superb swarovski crystal in neutral colours to go with anything and anybody!   There are several exciting styles available... please refer to the website to choose which style you would like... hover your mouse over this page to find the many links to my web site...

The earrings are my favourite... 
I think we all need a pair of these... for work, for everyday, and even for night... these are the perfect foundation piece!  The fine quality  earwires are available in sterling silver or gold filled and are small and comfortable in the ears... short and unassuming... perfect! 

I wear these pieces, my beautiful daughters all wear them and many of you already wear them as well!  They have been bought for the wedding party, as a gift from the bride to her special girls...   for birthday gifts to a special friend, work colleague or that difficult to buy for friend.  These are a perfect idea for the gift cupboard... there when needed for Christmas or that special day in the life of someone dear to you... perfect for graduation!

Visit jennymillsjewellery for further information on these cute items and place an order before December 25th to receive $10 off your order!  Just enter the code-   tenoff  - at check out for this discount to be activated for you...

14 weeks till Christmas!!!
Best wishes


to be noticed... to wear often... to enjoy


  1. I have two different pairs of these earrings and I wear my foundation necklace constantly! I LOVE these pieces!

  2. thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you love wearing the foundation collection... I love it too... :o)


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